Welcome to the office of Dr Douglas Krift

Dr. Krift has been serving the Northern KY / Greater Cincinnati area and the community of Ft Thomas for 17 years. Chiropractic care is a safe and natural way to relieve aches and pains, as well as, restore proper motion and function to the body. Dr. Douglas Krift has specialized training in using handheld instruments to deliver a low force and very specific adjustment to the spine or extremities, therefore there is no twisting popping or cracking associated with traditional chiropractic treatment. Licensed massage therapy is also offered at our office by one of our 3 licensed therapists. Dr. Krift’s office is located in Campbell County, KY in the beautiful city of Fort Thomas at 1467 S Ft Thomas Ave. Just 5 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, our office is very easy to get to and is less than a mile off of interstate 471. We are welcoming new patients and accept most insurance plans, automobile accidents, worker’s compensation. If your insurance does not cover chiropractic or you prefer not to use it we offer affordable fees as well. Schedule an appointment today, call 859-781-8700.

What Our Patients Say

Diana, California, KY - “Appointments are always on time. Office staff is very friendly. “

Mary Ann, Newport, KY - “He cares about his patients and make sure patients are getting the adjustments they need!”

Sandy, Cincinnati, OH - “Dr Krift is the best care out there. He is so professional, caring and an excellent doctor of Chiropractic. I strongly recommend him to all my friends and family”

Jennie, Fort Thomas, KY - “Angie is always so friendly and accommodating. Dr. Krift is responsive and thorough. They always manage to see me, even when its last minute and I'm barely able to move. I highly recommend!”

Dennis, Silver Grove, KY – “Very professional, love the results I am having! After shots and therapy were no help. I turned to Dr. Krift and I'm highly pleased”.

Brandie, New Richmond, OH - “I have been a patient of Dr. Krift's for several years now and I would NOT go anywhere else. I even moved about 45 minutes away and still make the travel!!”

Laura, Ft Thomas, KY- “Excellent, as always!! I've been a patient at this practice with both doctors for about a decade, as I recovered from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue symptoms and now as a healthy vital person with an occasional need for pain relief, supplements and general chiropractic care”.

Amy, Alexandria, KY - “Great experience! I have been there several times and never have to wait. My issues have always been resolved after minimal visits!”

Karla, Florence, KY - “Glad the laser worked to help ease the pain of the bone spur in my foot!”

Kathy, Covington, KY – “Angie is very organized and friendly. I am always able to get an appointment when I need it either ahead of time or at the very last minute. Charge for service is reasonable. Dr. Krift is a good listener, calm and engaged. I think that is why his services have been such a great help to me.”

Robin, Fort Thomas, KY - “ Has helped my back and neck pain for 2+ years! I can always get an appointment when I need it.”

Rob, Alexandria, KY - “Dr. Krift is always on schedule and friendly. Always feel better when I leave.”

Rhonda, Alexandria, KY – “Dr. Krift is very sincere and cares about you and your concerns. His laid back approach makes you feel comfortable and he is very thorough in his treatment.”

Kristin, Ft. Thomas, KY - “I have been absolutely thrilled with the care I've received from Dr. Krift. I'm pain-free since finding him and am now in monthly maintenance mode. He is also very respectful of his patients' schedules by always being on time for appointments. Because of this, I can schedule appointments during the work day with no concerns of missing other commitments. I have recommended him to friends and even gave his name to my primary care physician to recommend to her patients. He's a keeper!”